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On the principle of laser welding

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  Generally speaking, the selection of laser welding machine is based on the welding material.

  Some degree of melting phenomenon, the strength in the welding process, can produce and depend on the surface laser power density and peak power, and control the above parameters can use a variety of different welding processes. 

 That is to say, when the laser beam irradiates the surface area of the workpiece is small, the high heat generated by the laser beam focusing optical system interacts with the laser welding material to form a highly concentrated heat source area.

 The heat can make a joint and weld cool and the area of the crystallized welding material melt. 

Due to the characteristics of laser, laser welding has good directivity, high brightness, high intensity, high monochromaticity and high consistency.

 In laser welding, the focus position of the beam is one of the most pivotal control process parameters. 

In a certain laser power and welding speed, the only focus is on the best position to obtain the maximum infiltration and good weld formation.

  According to the use of different lasers and their working methods, there are two commonly used welding methods in laser welding, one is pulse laser welding, which is mainly used for continuous welding of a single fixed point and welding to form a circular welding point; 

the other is continuous laser welding, which is mainly used for welding and cutting of large block thickness. 

During the welding process, a continuous weld is formed leapion

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