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Machining process of woodworking CNC Router

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  How to operate the woodworking CNC router, the use process of the woodworking CNC router, a set of accurate steps for customers to operate the woodworking CNC router, this part belongs to the CNC router tutorial. General woodworking CNC router use process to tell you about, and then will update the more detailed tutorial.

  Making the carving path - simulating the carving path to ensure the path is correct - checking whether the machine is ready before machining - placing and fixing the plate - determining the original point of the workpiece - starting the machining - finishing the machining

  1、 Making carving path

  According to the needs of customers to make the corresponding carving path. The first way is to make your own drawings and carve; the second way is to find a professional drawing maker to make; the third way is to make scanners and pointing instruments

  2、 Simulate sculpt path to ensure correct path

  This is a very safe way to buy real wood furniture CNC router manufacturers. Sometimes, because of a small error, the carving path is not correct. At this time, simulate the carving path to determine the correct carving path and reduce the processing error rate. leapion


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