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How to maintain the tailstock of CNC Router

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  The invention and application of CNC router make us have a great contribution in our work, which not only improves the efficiency of our work, but also improves the quality of our work. In addition to the application of NC router, people should also pay attention to the maintenance work of each component. Only when the maintenance is appropriate can we use NC router more effectively and increase the service life of NC router.

  When the precision of CNC router's lathe tool holder is difficult, people need to adjust it immediately. First, use a dial indicator to measure the error, then release the pressure slightly by fixing the tailstock handle, and then release the pressure by tightening the screws on the base. The lathe tool holder of CNC router has adjusting screws, which can Carry out the adjustment to the limit and precision that you want. After the adjustment, tighten the screws that release the pressure again. The adjustment is carried out.

  In addition to the immediate adjustment of accuracy, people in the application, but also remember to give CNC router lathe turret on time to do the embellishment work. After each period of time, check whether the limit switch block iron on the specification of lathe tool holder sleeve has moving parts. For sealing components, check and replace them on time to prevent problems. The key to the accuracy of the CNC router is the screws and nuts of the tailstock. These aspects should be checked on time. If there is any damage, carry out the removal and replacement immediately 。 In order to ensure that there is no problem in the work, the hydraulic fuel pipe pressure regulating valve of CNC router lathe tool rest should also be checked on time. The specification of lathe tool holder sleeve of CNC router is very easy to be damaged, which also causes attention.

  In the case of work, pay attention to whether the hydraulic cylinder of CNC router lathe turret is stable when it is moved, and pay attention to the application of the hydraulic cylinder working pressure should be controlled within the approved range, and can not be arbitrarily modified and upgraded. Before starting the spindle bearing, check whether the lathe tool holder is tight or not. The slide rail of the CNC router lathe tool holder must be kept clean and moistened.leapion cnc router

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