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How to choose carving machine

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  Many people know that the replication of wooden furniture can not be separated from the CNC router, with the improvement of people's living standards. Wood furniture market demand continues to increase, the corresponding CNC router is also the goal of these furniture manufacturers. But now there are many manufacturers of CNC router and few manufacturers with good quality, which makes furniture manufacturers headache. Next, I will tell you what to pay attention to when purchasing the CNC router.

  One. When purchasing, pay attention to whether the functions of the NC router can cooperate with each other, and do not find that the router cannot be used or the processing is unstable when it is bought back. For example, some low-power CNC routers are only suitable for the data processing of two color plates, building models, small labels, three-dimensional crafts, etc. this technology has been popular for some time, but due to the small carving power, its application scale is greatly affected. The other is high-power CNC router, which can cut and carve on a large scale.

  2. To understand the performance and function of engraving motor, the engraving head motor of CNC router is also very important, and the engraving head motor has a long working time, so if the engraving head motor is not good, it will also affect the use of CNC router.

  Three. The other is the speed regulating scale of the engraving head motor. Generally, the adjustable speed scale is thousands to 30000 revolutions per minute. If the speed is not adjustable or the speed range is small, the application range of NC router is limited, because different carving data must use different carving head speed.

  Four. NC router body manufacturing process: when the high-power NC router works, it requires the body to be delicate and stable, which is related to whether the accuracy and stability of the NC router can be improved, and the accuracy of the processing technology also depends on the adjustable factors of the NC router.

  5. There are two kinds of mastering equipment: one is for driving, and all calculation work is realized by computer. When the NC router is working, the computer is in the expected state, so it can't do the layout work. Another kind of motherboard device adopts single board computer or single chip microcomputer. In practical operation, this master device is a computer, so only when the lettering machine starts to work, the computer can immediately carry out the rest of the typesetting work, especially in the case of longer lettering time, this disadvantage is particularly obvious.

  6. Screw and guide rail are also the main parts of the CNC router. Good screw and guide rail ensure the accuracy and performance of NC router when it is used temporarily

  Number 7. No matter how well the NC router is made, users will encounter various problems in the use process. When encountering the unsolvable problem, it is a special and important thing whether the enterprise can provide the processing plan in time, and it is also the main factor that the user should consider when purchasing the NC router.leapion

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