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How much is 3000W fiber laser cutting machine?

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  Optical fiber laser cutting machine mainly processes thin metal plates, including carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, alloy plates, etc., of which 1500-3000w is the most commonly used, which can process 1-12mm plates, and is also the product with the highest cost performance of Longtai laser. How much is 1500-3000w optical fiber laser cutting machine?

  1000W optical fiber cutting machine, about 200000 yuan;

  About 250000 RMB yuan for 1500W optical fiber cutting machine;

  About 330000 RMB yuan for 2000 W optical fiber cutting machine;

  3000W optical fiber cutting machine about 500000 RMB!

  As we all know, when the laser cutting machine cuts, the laser beam will gradually reduce downward. If the thickness of the cutting part is large, the cutting accuracy will be reduced, and the cutting gap will be large.

  Therefore, different materials will also affect the accuracy of economic laser cutting machine. In the same case, the cutting accuracy of stainless steel and aluminum will be greatly different. The cutting accuracy of stainless steel will be improved and the cutting surface will be smoother.

  With the development of optical fiber laser cutting machine, the price of optical fiber cutting machine has decreased due to the improvement of the manufacturer's technology. If the enterprise has not upgraded the equipment, it should have the courage to give up the traditional flame cutting or plasma, buy a really cheap fiber laser cutting machine, and enjoy the high-speed precision machining mode!

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