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Fiber laser cutting machine measures against cold!

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  Optical fiber laser cutting machine cold protection measures!

  The weather is cold in winter, so we need to master more anti freezing skills of fiber laser cutting machine. Here for you to introduce the laser cutting machine in winter how to keep warm.

  1. Since the water for laser cutting machine is used as the cooling medium, the operating ambient temperature of laser should be above 5 ℃.

  2. If your factory or workshop is on holiday for a long time and the airport is not running. It is necessary to pay attention to the heat preservation treatment of the machine tool in winter. In addition, the water of the chiller shall be discharged completely to prevent the damage of the machine tool caused by freezing.

  3. In winter, if there is no heating in the workshop, or the ambient temperature may be lower than 5 ℃. If the laser just does not work at night or on weekends, the machine tool can still be turned on, so that the cooling water is still circulating and will not freeze.

  1、 The basic principle and method of anti freezing liquid have "freezing point". When the liquid temperature is lower than this "freezing point", it will solidify to form a solid, and the volume of deionized water or purified water will increase during the solidification process, which will "prop up" the pipeline and sealing connection of the water cooling system and cause damage. In order to avoid the damage of laser, output head and water cooler caused by the solidification of cooling liquid, there are three solutions:

  Scheme 1: if the local power will not be cut off, the water cooler will not be shut down at night to ensure that the coolant is in circulation state and the temperature is not lower than the freezing point.

  Plan 2: drain the cooling liquid in the laser, laser output head and water cooler every day after use.

  Scheme 3: use antifreeze as coolant.

  2、 Cooling water evacuation method and pipeline design scheme are as follows:

  1. Principle of water connection

  2. Valve status in normal operation (red close, yellow open):

  3. Before shutdown, the water cooler shall be used for active evacuation: when the water cooler is started, the red valve shall be closed, and the Yellow valve shall be opened. At this time, the water cooler shall pump the water in the internal water tank to the water storage bucket actively until no large amount of water flows out.

  4. Vent the idle water with low-pressure air: close the red indicating valve according to the requirements of the drawing, turn over the Yellow indicating valve, and enter no more than a 0.4Mpa (within 4kg) clean compressed air or nitrogen until no water is blown out at the outlet of point B.

  5. The water outlet of the water cooler is always open, and finally the water outlet of the water cooler is opened to drain the remaining water in the water tank.

  Note: only when all cooling water in the laser, laser output surface, foreman and water cooler is discharged cleanly, can the complete set of water cooling pipes and related devices be effectively maintained! 3、 Using antifreeze to do antifreeze work

  When the operating environment is often cut off and does not have the condition of daily cooling liquid evacuation, antifreeze should be used. The base solution of antifreeze is generally composed of alcohol and water, which requires high boiling point and flash point, high specific heat and conduction ability, low temperature viscosity, not easy to bubble, not corrosive to metal parts, rubber hoses, etc. When selecting or mixing antifreeze, its freezing point should be 5 ℃ lower than the lowest temperature of the operating environment.

  1. Use ethanol for short-term freeze protection: If the power is cut off and the cooling water can't be drained, the temporary anti freezing is needed. The alcohol (alcohol) can be added to the deionized or purified water, and the increase can't exceed 40% of the volume of the water tank. Because the alcohol is very corrosive, it will corrode the oil, paint and rubber parts, and corrode the metal, so it can't be used for a long time. It needs to be drained and purified in a week Clean the cooling pipeline with water or deionized water. If there are still antifreeze requirements, select special antifreeze.

  The above is the general knowledge that we should pay attention to when we operate the antifreeze technology of the metal fiber laser cutting machine in winter. Only when we are familiar with the antifreeze technology operation, can we maintain our laser cutting equipment well. More information

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