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Carving machine needs no vacuum cleaner, the importance of vacuum cleaner of carving machine

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  Carving machine vacuum hose is important in supporting all the vacuum system, such as some woodworking, furniture and other carving manufacturers woodworking machinery used most. Pu hose is used as the hose of industrial vacuum cleaner. It is mainly used in the environment of abrasive solids such as dust, powder, fiber, chips and particles, gas and liquid, for dust removal and absorption workshop, paper and textile fiber suction and delivery. It plays an important role in improving the working environment and physical health of buyers.

  The new Pu steel wire hose of the force engraving machine is extremely wear-resistant. The copper plated steel wire strengthens the strength of the hose, which is resistant to low pressure, vacuum and shrinkage. The high axial strength is superior, which makes the materials to be escorted fluent and has good chemical resistance. The zigzag radius is about 3 times of the outer diameter, which can discharge static electricity. Structure: coated on the pipe wall with solid elastic copper plated steel wire, top polyether polyurethane, about 0.6-0.9mm wall thickness, inner wall lubrication; more than 10 times higher than ordinary PVC hose, rubber pipe wear resistance.

  Engraving machine temperature: about - 30 ℃ to + 90 ℃, short time up to + 150 ℃. No matter it is used in winter or summer, it will not harden or become very soft, which will affect the application results. Pu steel hose can be customized into food grade hose. The wall of the hose is environmentally friendly and odorless, helping you reduce dust and wood chips.cnc router

Protective cover can be opened on all sides

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