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Application of laser welding machine on heater

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  Laser welding is one of the important applications of laser processing technology. The application of laser welding machine on the heater, the laser radiation heats the surface of the workpiece, the heat on the surface diffuses through the heat transfer guide inside, by controlling the width, energy, power density and repetition frequency of the laser pulse, the workpiece melts and forms a specific melting pool. Because of its unique advantages, it has been successfully applied to the welding of micro and small parts. The emergence of high power CO2 laser and high power YAG laser has opened up a new field of laser welding. Deep penetration welding based on keyhole effect has been obtained, which has been widely used in machinery, automobile, steel and other industrial sectors.


  Characteristics of laser welding machine

  Laser welding can be used to weld inaccessible parts. It has great flexibility to carry out non-contact long-distance welding. In YAG laser technology, optical fiber transmission technology is used, which makes laser welding technology more widely used. The laser beam is easy to be divided according to time and space, and it can be processed by multiple beams at the same time, which provides conditions for more precise welding. For example, it can be used for sealing devices such as automobile body thick plate, automobile parts, lithium battery, pacemaker, sealed relay and other devices that are not allowed to weld pollution and deformation.

  Principle of laser welding

  Laser welding technology has the effect of weld pool purification, which can purify the weld metal. It is suitable for welding between the same and different metal materials. Laser welding with high energy is especially advantageous for metal welding with high melting point, high reflectivity, high thermal conductivity and great difference in physical properties.

  Advantages of laser welding

  The main advantages of laser welding are high speed, deep penetration and small deformation. Can be welded at room temperature or under special conditions. The laser beam will not shift when it passes through electromagnetic field; the laser can weld in air and some gas environment, and can weld glass or transparent materials. After laser focusing, the power density is high, and the ratio of depth to width can reach 5:1, and the highest ratio can reach 10:1. It can weld refractory materials, such as titanium, quartz, etc., and can weld different materials with good effect. For example, when copper and Hyun are welded together, the qualification rate can reach 100%. It can also be used for micro welding. After being focused, the laser beam can obtain a very small spot, which can be precisely positioned. It can be applied to the assembly and welding of micro components in large-scale automatic production, such as integrated circuit lead, watch float wire, picture tube electron gun assembly, etc. Due to the use of laser welding, the production efficiency is high, the heat affected area is small, and the solder joints are pollution-free.

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