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What are the hardware modules of engraving machine

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  Hardware is the basis of the system operation and the necessary carrier to realize the function of the system. Mastering the advantages and disadvantages of the system indirectly affects the processing performance of the carving machine, the processing accuracy of the workpiece and many other aspects. The hardware of master system consists of master module, feed drive system module, spindle drive module, carving machine power module and auxiliary module.

  01 master module

  The master module is the central part of the master system, which is used to analyze and solve the carving processing code and master and manage all the carving machine systems. Therefore, the solution speed of the main control module indirectly determines the operation speed of the whole engraving machine control system. The main mastering modules are as follows: the main mastering module is formed by the industrial control board composed of high-performance general CPU, the main mastering module is formed by the high-speed static mastering chip, the main mastering module is formed by the high-performance single-chip microcomputer of APM solver, the main mastering module is formed by the PC + high-speed static mastering card and the main mastering module is formed by the PC + imitation of numerical control software.

  02 feed drive system module

  At present, the feed system of engraving machine has two important methods: step motor drive system and exchange servo motor system. Stepping motor is the performing element that converts pulse signal into angular displacement. Every time the motor winding absorbs a pulse, the rotor will turn a corresponding step angle. By mastering the pulse number and pulse frequency, the stepping motor can be mastered. Because the stepping motor has no accumulated error and has good control performance, it is widely used in the numerical control system. With the development of technology, the exchange servo system is gradually mature and more and more used in the numerical control system. It is very similar to stepping motor in mastering methods, but the applicable performance and application place are quite different.

  03 spindle drive module

  Spindle drive module is one of the central components of CNC machine tools, its input performance has a great influence on the overall degree of CNC machine tools. Spindle drive is different from general industrial drive. It not only requires high speed, accuracy and static stiffness, but also requires the ability of continuous input high torque and a wide scale of constant power operation. At present, it is important to adopt special spindle motor (electric spindle) and DC motor to drive the spindle mechanism。cnc router

4-axis ±180° can be processed

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