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The accuracy of laser cutting machine is related to the equipment itself and external factors

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  When many people buy laser cutting machine, they will care about the accuracy of the machine. To a great extent, accuracy has become a standard to measure the quality of a machine. There are many factors that affect the accuracy of laser cutting, of course, there are the factors of the equipment itself, but at the same time, the accuracy also changes with the material, material and other factors.

  1、 External factors:

  1. Cutting materials: in the same case, the cutting accuracy of different materials is slightly different. Even for the same material, if the material composition is different, the cutting accuracy will also be different. Generally speaking, in other cases, the smoother the material is, the higher the cutting accuracy is;

  2. Auxiliary gas and nozzle: in the process of laser cutting, auxiliary gas and nozzle play a role of cleaning and controlling cutting speed to a certain extent. If there is uneven pressure and temperature in the air flow, it will cause the change of air field density. Such a density gradient results in the change of refractive index in the field, which can dry up the focus of beam energy and cause refocusing or beam divergence.

  2、 Factors of the equipment itself:

  1. Quality of laser beam: the smaller the laser spot after laser beam aggregation, the smaller the slit, and the higher the machining accuracy;

  2. Vibration degree of worktable: during laser cutting, the worktable vibrates with the vibration of laser head. High precision worktable with stable linear guide rail and stepping motor, the cutting accuracy will be higher;

  It is necessary to realize that the accuracy of laser cutting machine is not only related to the equipment itself, but also to external factors. When we use the laser cutting machine, we should set and adjust the relevant parameters of the equipment according to the specific processing materials, user's quality requirements, etc., such as: power, focus position, cutting speed, auxiliary gas, etc., in order to achieve the product precision requirements of the user. leapion

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