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Small knowledge about power selection of fiber laser cutting machine

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  With the rapid development of laser cutting technology, the competition in the industry is growing, especially in the fiber laser cutting machine. In order to increase their brand competitiveness, major manufacturers choose to increase the power ceiling of the equipment, and in the external publicity, the focus is also the advantage of high power of the equipment.

  Is the equipment of fiber laser cutting machine really bigger and better? Actually, it is not always the case. The current fiber laser cutting machine is divided into three grades: low, medium and high. Each grade corresponds to different thickness of cutting materials. Take the low-power fiber laser cutting machine for example. It aims at thin stainless steel, carbon steel plate and other materials. Even though the power is not large, it can achieve high quality when cutting materials and ensure relatively fast cutting speed.

  Now, with the increasingly fierce competition among manufacturers, more and more people begin to specially publicize the high power of fiber laser cutting machine, which will bring a one-sided idea of "the higher the power, the better the effect" to the users who need to use the equipment, which will bring irreparable blow to the whole industry. In fact, if it is only within the scope of application, the power only determines the price of the whole fiber laser cutting machine. The higher the power is, the higher the hardware requirements of the equipment are. The parts of the equipment also need to be upgraded as a whole. The price of the fiber laser cutting machine is more expensive.

  When purchasing equipment, users should consider from two aspects: on the one hand, they should choose the thickness of the plate they need to process; on the other hand, they should consider from the cost when purchasing. They should not blindly purchase high-power equipment within their own acceptance. leapion

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