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Principle of fiber laser cutting machine

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  1、 The principle of laser production

  In 1960, Merman announced the birth of the first laser in the world. Merman's plan is to use a high-strength flash tube to stimulate ruby. In fact, ruby is only a kind of corundum mixed with chromium atoms in physics, so when ruby is stimulated, it will emit a kind of red light. A hole is drilled on the surface of a ruby (plated with a mirror), so that red light can overflow from the hole, thus producing a rather concentrated thin red light column, which can reach a higher temperature than the sun's surface when it shoots at a certain point.

  2、 Principle of fiber laser cutting

  The fiber laser cutting machine is a laser cutting machine which uses the fiber laser generator as the light source, and the fiber laser generator is a newly developed laser generator in the world. Using this laser generator to output high-energy, high-density laser beam, and gather it on the surface of the workpiece, so that the area on the workpiece which is irradiated by the ultra-fine focal spot is melted and gasified instantly, and then the number of The mechanical system is controlled to move the spot position to realize automatic cutting.

  Fiber laser cutting machine can be used for both plane cutting and bevel cutting, and the edge is neat and smooth. It is suitable for cutting all kinds of metals with high precision. If the mechanical arm is added, it can also be used for three-dimensional cutting.

  The principle of fiber laser cutting also determines its advantages over other processing methods:

  (1) High precision, fast speed, narrow cutting seam, minimum heat affected zone, smooth cutting surface without burr.

  (2) The laser cutting head will not contact with the material surface and will not scratch the workpiece.

  (3) The slit is the narrowest, the local deformation of workpiece is very small, and there is no mechanical deformation.

  (4) Flexible processing, can process any graphics, can also cut pipes and other profiles.

  (5) It can cut steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum alloy plate, cemented carbide and other materials with any hardness without deformation. leapion

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