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How to adjust the laser cutting machine to make its efficiency faster and better?

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  How to debug the laser cutting machine to make its efficiency faster and better? It needs to be tested and debugged before leaving the factory, and maintenance is required during the use process, so as to keep the equipment in a relatively good running state. There are many components in the laser cutting machine, and the maintenance period of some parts is relatively short. For example, protective lenses need to be updated frequently according to cutting frequency and working time.

  1、 Adjust the machine assembly and improve the cutting effect.

  1. Guide rail: when installing the guide rail, it must be parallel. If the guide rail is not parallel, there will be resistance when the machine runs, and the cut workpiece will have serrated trimming. Therefore, the guide rail of Y axis must be parallel.

  2. Crossbeam and coupling: during the installation of the beam and coupling of the machine, if the screw thread is not locked, or the lock is inclined or loose, it will affect the cutting effect of the laser cutting machine. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the installation quality and accuracy of parts.

  2、 Adjust the parameters of laser machine and improve the cutting speed.

  In the process of cutting, the machine parameters need to be adjusted step by step. Generally, if the machine parameters are not adjusted well, the cutting speed and effect will be affected. When leaving the factory, each laser cutting machine can set and save the parameters according to the power size, cutting material and thickness. In the later stage, it can be adjusted according to the needs of users. In general, the following points should be paid attention to when setting parameters:

  1. Initial speed: this setting is the starting speed of the machine. The initial speed is not the faster the better. In fact, if the speed is too fast, it may make the machine shake very much at the beginning.

  2. Acceleration: when the machine is in production, there is an acceleration process from the initial speed to the normal cutting. Similarly, there will be a deceleration process when preparing to finish cutting. If the acceleration is too low, the cutting speed of the machine will be slowed down.

  3、 Laser cutting machine precision debugging method.

  1. When the light spot of the focus laser is adjusted to the minimum, the initial effect is established by the spot effect, and the focal length position is determined by the size of the spot effect. As long as we recognize that the light point of the laser reaches the minimum, then this position is the best processing focal length, so as to start the processing work.

  2. In the first part of the laser cutting machine debugging, we can use some test paper, workpiece waste to determine the accuracy of the focus position. Moving the height of the upper and lower laser head, the laser spot size will have different size changes when shooting. Adjust different positions several times, find out the smallest light spot position to determine the focal length and the best position of the laser head.

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