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Function of software automatic arrangement of fiber laser cutting machine

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  Laser cutting cutting machine is specially designed for garment industry and plush cloth cutting. It can accurately cut various clothing fabrics with any figure. It can be equipped with feeding device to realize continuous automatic cutting of coil material. It is equipped with a seal for smoking, making the marking and cutting process complete at one time, and the smoke generated during cutting is discharged through negative pressure. The negative pressure adsorption and crawler transfer worktable make it convenient to receive and deliver materials. The cutting fabrics include various kinds of woolen cloth, non-woven fabric, cotton and hemp, chemical fiber and other materials. It can be used with garment photographing machine to make sample clothes quickly.

  Generally, 50 mm focusing lens is selected for cloth cutting. The normal speed of single-layer cutting is 5 m / min, and the light intensity is 40%. The power of air pump (012 air pump is optional), the quality and flatness of honeycomb bottom plate, and the light intensity will affect the cloth cutting effect. The greater the intensity of light, the greater the thermal radiation, thin will produce a gap. At present, the problem of cutting is yellowing. Put the cloth flat on the honeycomb bottom plate, turn on the exhaust fan, and timely remove the smoke and dust, so as to prevent the dust generated during cutting from yellowing the cloth. Turn on the air compressor to ensure that the fruits are blown, and the impurities, volatiles and smoke in the cutting seam are blown away. The inert gas (such as nitrogen) is more ideal for blowing.

  The non-woven fabric processed by laser cutting machine has no yellowing, automatic edge closing, no loose edge, no deformation, no hardening, the size is consistent and no burr, the size is standard, the error is small (± 0.1mm), the effect is soft, and there is no stiff feeling of high cycle or knife die cutting pressure. Any shape, high efficiency and low cost. Due to the combination of laser and computer technology, users can realize laser engraving output as long as they design on the computer, and can change engraving at any time, and produce products while designing.

  Easy to operate and strong expansibility printing system: the combination of printing system and laser cutting does not need to output paperboard pattern. Only a few key data can be modified continuously. At the same time, it has the imaging function of left and right shoe patterns, and can cut left and right foot styles at the same time. Automatic typesetting reduces waste.

  Cloth laser cutting machine is a kind of automatic feeding and automatic rolling cutting machine specially developed for plush cloth manufacturing industry. It completely replaces the old electric ironing process. It has no smoke when working, saves materials, no scorched edge, no fluffy cutting, and no pollution.

  1. Select Taiwan Shangyin linear motion guide rail to ensure smooth, high speed and no shaking of laser head in operation. With the characteristics of small cutting seam, high speed and high precision, the degree and service life of the equipment are guaranteed.

  2. Software automatic typesetting function. After the design of cutting patterns, the software automatically typesetting, material drawings closely fit, reduce waste.

  3. It is equipped with metal molybdenum reflective lens and gallium arsenide focus lens imported from Singapore. It is resistant to sassafras and high temperature. It does not need to be replaced frequently. It has the advantages of low cost, fine spot and even light output.

  4. The advanced speed change system can realize the function of instantaneous speed change and self-regulation of speed per hour according to the needs of curve and straight line in the laser cutting process. The edge of cutting is smooth, the corner curve is curved, and the water in the laser tube is completely closed to ensure dust-free and clean water in the circulation and laser tube, prolong the service life of the laser tube, and effectively reduce the production cost.

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