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Does woodworking CNC router need to be maintained every day?

Views:3     Author:heyu     Publish Time: 03-19-2020      Origin:Site Inquire

  In the process of using woodworking CNC router, every part of the router should be checked and maintained according to the maintenance rules every day:

  1. Guide rail lubricating oil tank: check whether the oil level, oil volume and lubricating pump can be started and stopped regularly.

  2. Guide rail surface of XYZ axis of Jinan CNC Router: clean up chips and dirt, and check whether lubricating oil is sufficient.

  3. Heat dissipation and ventilation device of various electrical cabinets: the cooling fan of each electrical cabinet works normally, and the air duct filter screen is not blocked.

  4. All kinds of protective devices: guide rails, machine tool protective covers, etc. shall be free of looseness and leakage.

  5. Input / output unit of CNC: whether the interface connection is normal.

  6. Pressure of compressed air source: check the pressure of starting control system, which should be in normal range.

  7. Hydraulic balance system: the balance pressure indication is normal, and the balance valve works normally when moving rapidly

  8. Check whether the installation position of the tool is correct, whether the tool is sharp, whether it needs to be polished, turn on the power, start the tool, and there is no abnormal idling.

  9. In order to work formally, size error and no mechanical error should be checked. Check whether there is enough cooling water for the main shaft of the CNC router, and turn the equipment on the rough idle main shaft for about 5 minutes. If the machine does not run for a long time, we need to run it at full speed, running in time is about half an hour, and it can be used normally.leapion cnc router

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