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CO2 high precision laser cutting machine

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  Nonmetal film materials are widely used in all kinds of electronic products in our daily life, such as GDF explosion-proof film, touch screen PET film and flexible OLED for mobile phones, polarizer for LCD, electronic paper for e-book readers, etc. These products that change our lives can not do without the non-metallic film materials playing an important role in the back. It uses ultra-fine laser beam to act on the surface of non-metallic film materials, which meets the demanding requirements of various electronic products for cutting accuracy of parts.

        fiber laser engraving machine

  Functional characteristics

  ◆ adopt double servo drive structure of gantry, high inertia servo motor, and the maximum acceleration is 1g;

  ◆ strengthen the welding bed, high rigid beam, cooperate with high-precision marble platform, effectively ensure the high dynamic rigidity of the machine tool system;

  ◆ imported laser and optical devices, good spot quality, stable output power, low maintenance cost;

  The self-developed laser cutting software integrates excellent motion control performance and powerful graphics processing function;

  ◆ special smoke exhaust system with unique design, strong smoking and effective waste isolation.

  Applicable materials

  High precision laser cutting machine is mainly used for high-precision cutting of non-metallic film materials, such as GDF film, polarizer, touch screen pet, OCA, electronic paper, flexible OLED, PC, foam double-sided adhesive, etc.

  Cutting sample with high precision laser cutting machine

  application area

  High precision laser cutting machine is widely used in cutting non-metallic film materials of various electronic products, such as mobile phones, LCD TVs, e-book readers, hand writing boards, etc.

  Cutting sample with high precision laser cutting machine

  Process advantages

  Most of the traditional processing methods are die-cutting, but for the manufacturers with small batch, multi varieties and high processing accuracy requirements, the cost of opening mold is high, the accuracy is not up to standard, and the cutting is single. Therefore, high-precision laser cutting machine with its unique advantages of simple operation, automatic operation, fine processing, high processing efficiency, diversified cutting, cutting without deformation, has been more and more used in the processing of various non-metallic films.leapion

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