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Detailed introduction of CNC Router

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  In the numerical control machine tool, the electric spindle usually adopts the frequency conversion speed regulation method. There are three kinds of control methods: common frequency conversion drive and control, vector control drive and direct torque control.

  Ordinary frequency conversion is scalar drive and control, its drive control characteristic is constant torque drive, output power is proportional to speed. The dynamic performance of common frequency conversion control is not ideal, the control performance is not good at low speed, the output power is not stable enough, and it does not have the function of c-axis. But the price is cheap and the structure is simple. It is generally used in grinding machines and ordinary high-speed milling machines.

  Vector control technology imitates the control of DC motor, uses rotor field orientation and vector transformation to realize drive and control, and has good dynamic performance. The vector control driver has a large torque value when it is just started. In addition, the structure of the electric spindle is simple and the inertia is small, so the starting acceleration is large, and the allowable limit speed can be achieved instantaneously after starting. This kind of driver has two kinds of open-loop and closed-loop, the latter can realize the feedback of position and speed, not only has better dynamic performance, but also can realize the function of c-axis; the former has a little poor dynamic performance, and does not have the function of c-axis, but the price is cheaper.

  Direct torque control is a new high-performance AC speed regulation technology developed after vector control technology. Its control idea is novel, the system structure is simple and clear, it is more suitable for the drive of high-speed motorized spindle, and it can meet the requirements of high-speed motorized spindle, wide speed regulation range, high-speed instantaneous quasi stop dynamic and static characteristics, which has become the field of AC drive A hot technology.

  Scope of application:

  Granite, marble, bluestone, sandstone and other stone carving

  Granite and other hard stones can be carved in layers of 5mm

  Marble, bluestone, etc. can be carved 5mm at a time

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