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8 Key areas of use for fiber laser metal cutting machines

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In the metal processing industry, fiber metal laser cutting machines are increasingly becoming popular.

And we believe many investors in laser machines have an interest in the topic.

That is the mainstream application field of fiber laser cutting machines for industries.

So that they can better grow their laser business.

We have concluded 8 key fiber laser metal cutting applications for your reference below.

1.8 Industries using a laser fiber metal cutting machine

It's a decoration business at first.

Thanks to the high speed and versatile cutting of the fiber laser metal cutting unit, the powerful fiber laser cutting device can easily process a lot of complex graphics.

And the cutting outcomes have earned the favor of decorating firms.

When customers have ordered a special design, after we build the CAD drawing, the appropriate materials can be cut out directly.

Therefore, customization is no concern.

Secondly, the automotive industry

Many of the car's metal components, such as car doors, car exhaust pipes, brakes, etc. c

It is precisely processed by a fiber laser metal cutting system.

Fiber laser cutting guarantees wonderful accuracy and work efficiency compared to conventional metal cutting techniques such as plasma cutting.

Moreover it significantly increases the performance and safety of automotive components.

Thirdly, the advertising business

The conventional manufacturing method is clearly inefficient because of the vast number of customization items in the advertising industry.

And for the industry, the fiber laser metal cutter is very fitting.

The system will create high-quality laser cut metal goods for advertising use, no matter what kind of models.

Fourthly, the kitchenware company

There is a greater demand nowadays for the design and application of kitchenware.

Therefore, around the world, kitchen-related goods have a promising market.

For cutting thin stainless steel with fast speed, high precision, strong impact, and smooth cutting surface, the fiber laser cutting machine is very suitable.

And tailored and personalized product creation can be realized.

2. Another Fiber Laser Metal Cutting System application

Fifth, Industrial lighting

Mainstream outdoor lamps are presently made of large metal pipes that are created with various types of cutting.

Not only does the conventional cutting approach have low performance, but customized customization service can also not be accomplished.

Fiber laser metal plates and pipe cutters then serve as a perfect laser solution that correctly solves this problem.

The Sixth. Processing with sheet metal

In modern metal processing industries, fiber laser cutting machines are developed for the processing of metal sheets and pipes.

And people increasingly need accuracy and efficiency in this area.

According to the feedback of our clients, leapion fiber laser cutters have shown reliable and highly efficient cutting efficiency.

The 7th. Fitness Materials

In recent years, public fitness equipment and home fitness equipment have grown rapidly, and demand is especially strong for the future.

Nowadays the fiber laser metal cutting technology has been booming in the production of fitness equipment.

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