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  • 2021 Best CO2 Laser Cutter for Small Business
    2021 best CO2 laser cutter is suitable for small business with engraving and cutting of paper, acrylic, wood, rubber, plastic, glass, leather, etc. Now the best laser cutter for small business on sale at affordable price.
    Model: LC- Type
  • 2021 Best Sheet Metal Laser Cutter for Sale at Cost Price
    The LF-6025H sheet metal laser cutter is the best metal fabrication tool for thin metal, such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, galvanized iron, silicon steel, and so on, to cut custom and personalized metal signs, metal crafts, metal arts, metal logos, metal tags, metal letters, metal words, and so on. The greatest sheet metal laser cutter is now available for purchase at a low cost.
    Model: LF-H Type
  • Stainless Steel Laser Cutting Machine with 1000 Watts Fiber Laser for Sale
    Stainless steel laser cutting machine with 1000 watts fiber laser is intended for cutting thin metals less than 2mm aluminum, 3mm stainless steel, 4mm stainless steel, 12mm carbon steel and copper, brass, etc., and is currently available for purchase at a reasonable price
    Model: LF-H Type
  • LF-E Type Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
    Top rated fiber laser cutting machine is designed for metal fabrication, including steel, aluminum, titanium, alloy, brass, copper, iron with different laser powers (1000W, 1500W, 2000W). Now the affordable fiber laser cutter for sale at low price, with the best fiber laser cutting system service and support.
    Model: LF-E Type

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  • Leapion nuevo 12KW MAX 6025PE cortadora láser fibra con sistema HYPCUT 8000

    Leapion nuevo 12KW MAX 6025PE cortadora láser fibra con sistema HYPCUT 8000FSCUT8000 es un sistema de bus EtherCAT diseñado para láser de fibra de ultra alta potencia por encima de 8KW, fácil de instalar y ajustar, con funciones de solución completas. Es compatible con soluciones de automatización e Read More

  • Application of Co2 laser marking machine

    Co2 laser marking machine can mark a variety of non-metallic materials and some metal products, such as bamboo products, wood, paper, ABS, PVC, epoxy resin, acrylic, leather, glass, architectural ceramics, rubber and so on. Widely used in pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, beverage packaging, plastics, textiles, leather, wood, handicrafts, electronic components, communications, watches, glasses, printing and other industries. Read More

  • how to set tools for the disc tool change cnc router machine?

    Auto tool change cnc router machine has two types; one is linear auto tool change, the other one is disc tool change. If not set well, the machine can not work with high precision. The cutting size will be not same as your designs. But how to set this? Let’s learn from this video Read More

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  • How to realize manual operation and daily maintenance of handheld laser welding machine?

    Hand-held welding machines can now meet the welding needs of various types of metal plates. Hand-held laser welding machines seem to be far away from the lives of ordinary people, but in fact, the products processed by them appear in daily life, which provides great convenience for the general public. So, how should we correctly operate and maintain the handheld laser welding machine? Let's analyze it with Leapion laser. Read More

  • What is the relationship between the defocus amount of the laser cutting machine when cutting stainless steel and the dross and burrs?

    Nowadays, laser cutting machines have been widely used in various industries, especially sheet metal processing and manufacturing industries. Because the laser cutting machine has many advantages in cutting stainless steel plates, it greatly improves the efficiency and thickness of cutting. Everyone knows that the cutting quality of a laser cutting machine depends on many factors, and the amount of defocus is an important parameter that affects the cutting quality in the laser cutting process. Read More

  • How to adjust the marking depth of the laser marking machine?

    The laser marking machine can mark various materials that are common in our lives, such as metal, plastic, wood, pcb board and other materials. During the operation of the laser marking machine, choosing different parameters and marking workpieces of different materials will affect the marking depth of the marking machine, sometimes resulting in too shallow or too deep marking effects. The following Leapion Laser will share with you how to adjust the marking depth of the laser marking machine. Read More

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