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Why does the workpiece processed by laser cutting machine produce burr?

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  In fact, burr is the residual particles on the surface of metal materials. During the processing of laser cutting machine, the high energy generated by the laser beam irradiating the workpiece surface makes the workpiece surface evaporate rapidly, and then the slag on the workpiece surface is blown off by auxiliary gas to achieve the purpose of cutting. The auxiliary gas is one of the main reasons for the burr on the workpiece surface.

  Generally speaking, every laser cutting machine must be equipped with auxiliary gas. If the auxiliary gas is not used, after the slag is cooled, it will form a burr attached to the cutting surface of the workpiece. However, the selection of auxiliary gas is also particular. Users should choose a gas supplier with better quality when purchasing auxiliary gas, and the purity of gas is also very important.

  In addition to the selection of auxiliary gas, we should also pay attention to the problem of equipment setting. When customers purchase laser cutting machines, they must have professional operators to debug the equipment. Adjust the cutting parameters to the best, including air pressure, flow focal length and cutting speed, which need to be adjusted many times, because these can affect whether the workpiece surface will produce burrs.

  In most cases, there is burr on the surface of the workpiece, which is often caused by the improper use of the laser cutting machine and the lack of understanding. The above suggestions given by China Russia laser can help users solve the problem of burr on the surface of the workpiece. Wuhan China Russia Laser Engineering Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of laser equipment. Welcome to our customers Friends come to consult! leapion

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