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What is the flexible processing of fiber laser cutting machine?

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        Most people evaluate the characteristics of fiber laser cutting machine commonly used words are flexibility, so what is the flexibility here?

  On the surface, flexibility means that the production process is more flexible. This process is also called flexible processing. Flexible production means that different production tasks can be completed in the production, and the market demand can be quickly adjusted to achieve resource diversification.

  Laser cutting machine is an important equipment for flexible production. Flexible processing of optical fiber laser cutting machine refers to multi variable processing combined process. Laser beam adopts direct and directional methods. The laser can rotate, tilt, move up and down, etc., and can process the vertical surface of the workpiece and other complex workpiece surfaces; the flexible and flexible processing technology has high precision, and the laser cutting adopts the moving or multi axis way to rotate the lower parts of the beam, which can deal with the parts that are difficult to handle by the traditional method. The laser head can move up and down freely, and the laser beam is controlled by the automatic focusing system, which can realize complex workpiece processing. As long as the mobile rotating table is used, various complex components can be processed.

  Therefore, the metal fiber laser cutting machine can be used to process metal plates. No matter how complex the metal plates are, as long as you can draw the graphics on the computer, you can achieve fine processing and production.

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