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What are the two main reasons for laser cutting machine attenuation?

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  Laser cutting machine with

  New laser equipment in the world

  It is favored by people.

  However, in the practical application of laser cutting machine,

  Many users complain that the laser cutting machine is aging fast,

  So what are the reasons for the attenuation of laser cutting machine?

  In fact, for laser cutting machine equipment,

  No matter how good the laser equipment is,

  The phenomenon of attenuation and aging will appear,

  Even if it is the new development of laser cutting machine in the world

  A new type of laser with high energy density

  Laser equipment is no exception,

  Therefore, in the use of laser cutting machine

  Pay more attention to maintenance,

  And we should fully understand the reasons for the attenuation of the laser cutting machine,

  The following are two main reasons for laser cutting machine attenuation:

  The environment and conditions of production site have great influence on the power of laser cutting machine

  Such as the quality of compressed air

  (mainly oil filtering, dryness and dust).

  There are a lot of dust and smoke on the production site,

  There are also some users to spray paint work

  Placed near the fiber laser cutting machine,

  It all affects

  Cutting quality and cutting ability of laser cutting machine.

  Problems of laser itself

  Laser cutting machine is required to regularly on the laser generator

  External light path for maintenance.

  In fact, the laser of laser cutting machine

  After working for a while,

  The power drop is inevitable.

  When the power goes down to affect production,

  It is necessary to maintain the laser and external light path.

  When the maintenance is completed,

  The cutting capacity will return to the factory level.

  Finally, I would like to remind you,

  In the normal use of laser cutting equipment,

  Pay attention to regular maintenance and maintenance.

  Proper maintenance and maintenance

  It can prolong the service life of laser cutting equipment.

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