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What are the difficulties and methods of laser welding machine welding copper?

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In the current industrial production, red copper is one of the most consumed non-ferrous metals, and red copper is widely used in the construction industry, electrical, machinery manufacturing and other industries. Red copper has good electrical and thermal conductivity, and excellent plasticity. Also, since copper has the characteristics of fast heat transfer and easy oxidation, copper welding is prone to defects such as deformation and pores. So, what is a good way to weld copper with laser welding machine? Let's share with you Leapion laser below.


Laser welding has the advantages of high energy density, small amount of molten metal, narrow heat-affected zone, high welding quality and high production efficiency, and is suitable for welding thin copper sheets. Laser welding machine used in copper welding can effectively improve production efficiency, and is gradually selected by more and more industries.

However, due to the low absorption rate of the fiber laser by the high-reflection material, the processing difficulty is also greater, which also has more requirements for the laser light source.

The difficulties of laser welding machine in welding red copper materials are shown in the following points:

1. The difficulty of fusion of copper:

Due to the relatively large thermal conductivity of copper, the heat transfer speed is very fast during welding, and the overall heat-affected zone of the welded parts is also large, making it difficult to fuse the materials together.

2. The variability of copper:

Due to the large linear expansion coefficient of copper, when welding is heated, improper clamping force of the fixture will cause the material to deform.

3. Pores are easy to appear:

Another important problem of copper welding is porosity, especially during deep penetration welding. The generation of pores is mainly caused by two conditions: one is the diffusive pores directly produced by the dissolution of hydrogen in the copper, and the other is the reaction pores caused by the oxidation-reduction reaction.


Then, in view of the above difficulties in copper welding, the laser welding machine can be solved by the following methods:

1. Improve the power density of the laser welding machine

The absorption rate of red copper for infrared laser is about 5% at room temperature, and the absorption rate can reach about 20% after heating to near the melting point. In order to realize the laser deep penetration welding of red copper, the laser power density must be increased.

2. Use a high-power laser with a swing welding head

Using a high-power laser coupled with a swing welding head, the beam is used to stir the molten pool and expand the keyhole during deep penetration welding, which is beneficial to gas overflow, making the welding process more stable, less spattering, and fewer micro-holes after welding.

3. Welding skills

1) The angle of the welding head is tilted during welding to prevent long-term back reflection from damaging the laser.

2) The power of the laser must reach the absorption value of copper to prevent light from being reflected.

3) The energy density ratio of the laser's small core diameter can easily reach the absorption value of copper.

4) Weaving welding can improve the surface quality of welding.

Laser welding is a practical technology to realize the joining process of copper materials. It uses a non-contact processing method and is very suitable for automated processing. If you want to know more about the professional issues of laser welding machine, please consult Leapion Laser.

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