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There are many kinds of products in fiber laser sheet metal processing industry

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The bright cutting technology can be grafted on the conventional 3-6M format machine, and can also match the large 3-24m format series. Considering the wide variety of products in sheet metal processing industry and different customer needs, it is recommended to select a laser with a power of more than 3000 watts, which can solve the cutting of carbon steel within 20 mm and stainless steel within 10 mm.

For the customers who need to upgrade the laser cutting equipment in the processing station, bw6000 numerical control fiber laser cutting machine, a high-performance laser cutting product, is launched. It has super high cost performance ratio, master core light source technology, low maintenance cost, and can solve the problems of high investment income ratio of growing customers and high equipment maintenance cost.

Fiber laser cutting machine

The biggest characteristic of laser processing technology is that it can be processed without mold. The use of laser processing blanking can save a lot of mold use, shorten the production time, reduce the product cost, better gain the advantage in the market, and is conducive to the production of a variety of small batch products and large batch products.leapion

LASER Product Recommendations

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LC Laser Cutting
& Engraving Machine

LC-MN Laser Cutting
& Engraving Machine
LF-ST Dual-use Sheet & Tube
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
LF-H Flatbed Fiber Laser
Cutting Machine
LF-STE Double platforms Sheet & Tube
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
LF-STP Enclosed Sheet & Tube
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
LF-E Entry-level Economy
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
LF-Mi High Precision
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
LF-PE Enclosed Protective
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
LF-T Tube fiber laser cutting machine

LF-EX Exchange Platform
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


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