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The principle of choosing laser cutting machine in clothing industry

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  From the end of each year to the end of March of the second year, it is the equipment purchase period of clothing, luggage, automobile decoration, advertising and other industries, that is, the traditional sewing machinery, advertising machinery and other market sales peak season. With the increasingly fierce market competition and the continuous improvement of market demand level, now edge patrol laser machine and panoramic large-scale laser cutting machine have been widely used.

  How to choose a suitable laser cutting machine? The selection of a suitable laser cutting machine generally depends on the production materials. In general, the following issues need to be considered:

  1. The cutting seam is thin: the cutting seam of laser cutting is generally 0.10 mm-0.20 mm (the cutting seam formed due to different materials is also different);

  2. The cutting surface is smooth: the cutting surface of laser cutting has no burr, which has specific and unique advantages compared with the traditional cutting die;

  3. Processing size: the purchase of laser equipment needs to select the applicable products according to your materials;

  4. Processing products: whether digital printing and embroidery products need edge patrol cutting and positioning cutting. In order to select the corresponding products with camera function;

  5. Development of new products: shorten the period from R & D to samples. Once the product drawings are formed, laser processing can be carried out immediately, and you can get the new products in the shortest time;

  6. Material saving: the laser processing adopts computer programming, which can perform material nesting for products of different shapes and maximize the utilization of materials.

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