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Ten common faults and solutions for laser engraving machines

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In the process of using the laser engraving machine, some failures will inevitably occur. In order not to affect the production and processing efficiency, we can learn about common failures and their solutions. Below, Leapion Laser Manager lists 10 common laser engraving machine failures, and the correct solutions.


Problem 1: The laser does not emit light


1. Press the test button on the control panel to check the status of the ammeter:

A. No current: Check whether the laser power is turned on, whether the high voltage line is loose or open, and whether the signal line is loose;

B. There is electric current: check whether the lens is broken and the light path is seriously shifted.

2. Check whether the water circulation system is normal:

A. No water: check whether the water pump is damaged or not powered on;

B. There is water: check whether the water inlet and outlet are connected reversely or the water pipe is broken.

3. It can be self-checked, and the sending data is not bright: check whether the computer settings are correct;

4. Check whether the cover of the magnetic switch, the front door and the wiring are loose or fall off.

Question 2: Engraving has different or no depth

Solution:1. Increase the laser power or reduce the focus spot size as follows:

A. Check and clean the light exit of the laser tube; check and clean the lens. If the lens is damaged, the lens should be replaced in time.

B. Check whether the optical path is correct, and whether there are any of the following phenomena during the transmission of the laser beam:

Is the laser partially blocked? When the laser passes through the hole-like object, does it pass through the center? If it does not pass through the center, it will easily cause diffraction effects and reduce the laser power and quality.

At this time, it is necessary to increase the working current, but not exceed the maximum working current of the laser tube, otherwise the laser power will drop instead, 1.2m tube: 20mA, 1.6m tube: 22mA;

C. The laser tube may be aging and needs to be replaced with a new one;

D. Change to a higher power laser tube;

Solution:2. Reduce the focus size:

A. Check the quality of the laser spot when it is incident on the focusing lens. The better the quality of the laser spot incident on the focusing lens, the smaller the focal spot size after focusing;

B. Check whether the laser exit hole is normal;

C. Check whether the degree of the laser tube corresponds to the distance between the supporting points, and adjust the supporting points if necessary;

D. Check whether the laser beam is always vertically centered when it is incident on the focusing lens;

3. Check whether the water circulation system is unblocked; check whether the water temperature is higher than 30°C, and the circulating water needs to be replaced if it is higher than 30°C;

4. Check whether the laser head or focusing lens is loose.

Problem 3: Automatically reset during work, stop engraving halfway, miss engraving, and engrave randomly

Solution:1. Check the grounding condition of the machine, measure whether the ground wire meets the standard (the grounding resistance should not be greater than 5 ohms), and the wires that need to be modified meet the relevant standards;

2. Check whether the connecting wire is loose or the buttons on the control panel are in poor contact;

3. Whether there is strong electric and strong magnetic interference at the location of the machine;

4. Check whether there are errors in the original graphics, such as the graphics are crossed, not closed, missing strokes, etc. correct the errors in the graphics, and then output the test;

5. If there is no problem in outputting other graphics, it means that the graphics are wrong, and you need to re-output or re-create graphics;

6. Check whether the laser tube or laser power supply is sparking or disconnect the laser power supply for testing;

7. The problem still exists, replace the motherboard, computer test. (Key points: cable, control panel, connection line, interference, graphic problems, high-voltage ignition, laser power supply, control board card)

Question 4: Deformation of lettering

solution:1. If the laser head pulley is severely worn, causing the laser head to loosen, replace the pulley;

2. If the tension of the Y-axis belt on the left and right sides is different. Adjust the screw at the rear of the Y-axis to the same tension;

3. If the left driven wheel of the X axis is worn, replace the driven wheel;

4. If the X-axis motor is faulty, replace the motor;

5. If the fastening screws of the X-axis motor and pulley are loose, tighten the screws.

Problem 5: The light spot diverges and does not gather, and the lens barrel is heated

Solution:1. Ensure that the water temperature in the laser tube is below 30 degrees;

Adjust the optical path to ensure that the optical path is correct, and the focus adjustment must consider the processing depth;

3. Customers are required to clean the lenses regularly to ensure that the lenses are pollution-free; choose a focusing lens reasonably to ensure a good light beam;

4. Observe whether the position of the laser tube bracket is reasonable, and adjust the position of the bracket;

5. Replace the laser tube. (Key points: water temperature, lens, position of laser tube, light path, laser tube).

Problem six: reset abnormal

solution:1. Check the sensor for dust, poor contact or damage. If so, wipe the dust or replace the sensor in time;

2. Check whether the flexible data cable is in poor contact or damaged. If it is damaged, please trim the data cable to remove or replace the data cable;

3. Check whether the ground wire is reliable or the high-voltage wire is damaged, re-ground the wire or replace the high-voltage wire;

4. Check whether the motor wires are in poor contact.

Question 7: Clean the wrong side of the hook and not close

solution:1. Whether the edited file is correct, re-edit if it is wrong);

2. Whether the selected target exceeds the layout, if it exceeds the layout, it needs to be selected again;

3. Check whether the software parameter settings are correct;

4. Check whether there is a problem with the computer system or a weak computer, and directly reinstall the operating system and software;

5. Check whether the elastic band is consistent before and after, check whether the back end of the elastic band is too loose, and if it is too loose, you need to tighten the belt;

6. Check whether the belt or the synchronous wheel is slipping or tooth skipping. If this happens, please strengthen the synchronous wheel or belt;

7. Check whether the beam is parallel, if not, adjust both sides of the waist belt.

Question 8: Computer related failures

1. The computer cannot output

1. Check whether the software parameter setting is normal, if it is abnormal, it needs to be restarted;

2. The laser engraving machine is positioned first, and then starts to output;

3. Check in advance whether the machine has not been reset; please correct it if it has not been reset;

4. Check whether the output serial port is consistent with the software serial port settings, and if they are inconsistent, edit them again;

5. Check whether the grounding is reliable, static electricity will interfere with the data line, if it is unreliable, it needs to be grounded again;

6. Replace the computer serial port output test.

7. Reinstall the software and reset the test.

8. Format the computer system disk and reinstall the software to test.

9. The motherboard serial port is damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced.

2. The software cannot calculate the path

A. Check whether the calculation method of the set path is correct;

B. Check whether the graphic file format is correct, and correct it again if it is incorrect;

C. Uninstall the software, reinstall and set up.

3. When the fonts gradually decrease, reinstall the operating system;

4. When the laser path cannot be calculated, because the amount of data is too large, wait a while or increase the computer memory.

Problem 9: Continuous light emission, intermittent light emission, unstable or uncontrolled current

Solution:1. In the parameter setting, see if the laser type is correct, it is the main cause of continuous light emitting failure;

2. Pull the signal line between the laser power supply and the control board to see if there is any looseness or unreliable connection;

3. Unplug the signal line on the power supply, and press the laser power button to analyze whether the power supply or the motherboard is faulty;

4. The bursting is normal, indicating that the power supply is not faulty, and the bursting is not normal, indicating that there is a problem with the power supply;

5. When the power supply is normal, connect the signal line and use a multimeter to measure the switch control pin on the terminal. When it does not emit light, if the normal voltage is above 4 volts and below 3 volts, the output of the board will be abnormal; The pin voltage should be below 2 volts, and the output is abnormal if it is higher than 2.5 volts.

6. Check whether the water circulation is normal, whether the water flow is sometimes absent, and whether there is a problem with the water protection. (Key points: parameters, signal line, laser power supply, control board, water protection).

Question 10: The parameter settings in the "Advanced Settings" of the laser engraving machine are invalid.

solution:1. The correct use steps of advanced parameters are: first remove the "read-only" attribute of Laser_cn and sysCfg, and then configure the parameters according to the specific conditions of the machine;

2. After the parameter configuration is completed, add the "read-only" attributes of Laser_cn and sysCfg. Please do not modify the parameters of this option.


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