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Star laser cutting machine for sheet metal processing industry

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  At present, fiber laser cutting machine has been gradually popularized in China's main metal processing industry. With the development of market economy, the cutting machine has increased the requirements of speed, quality and economy. More and more enterprises use the thin plate fiber laser cutting machine in the field of sheet metal processing.

  Sheet metal industry is one of the important application markets of laser processing. The transformation of processing mode is the general trend, which provides a broad space for the application of laser equipment such as laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser marking machine in sheet metal industry. In most manufacturing industries, sheet metal processing is involved, such as mechanical, electrical, instrument, kitchen and bathroom, etc. Therefore, fiber laser cutting machine plays an important role in sheet metal industry.

  In view of the problems existing in the current traditional sheet metal cutting, the demand for laser cutting is also increasing. The reasons why the star sheet metal laser cutting machine in sheet metal processing industry is popular are as follows. Let's understand.

  1. It can realize automatic cutting layout and nesting, which makes the material utilization rate high, no tool wear and good material adaptability;

  2. Narrow slit, high degree of automation, simple operation and low labor intensity;

  3. Laser cutting has the advantages of high flexibility, fast cutting speed, high production efficiency and short production cycle. No matter it is simple or complex parts, laser cutting can be used to realize forming and cutting;

  4. The fiber laser cutting machine has high speed and high stability. The electro-optical conversion rate, actual utilization rate, energy efficiency and cutting speed of the fiber laser cutting machine are much higher than that of the CO2 metal laser cutting machine. With the fiber laser, the performance is stable. The spot is small, and the cutting quality is high with the precision table.

  5. Fiber laser cutting machine has low consumption, low maintenance and low pollution.

  The above is the sheet metal processing industry star laser cutting machine all content, I hope this article can help you.

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