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Maintenance of laser cutting machine

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  Laser cutting machine maintenance:

  (1) Lens cleaning: bend the lens wiping paper into several folds and soak it with a few drops of analytical pure acetone; gently wipe the lens surface with the soaked lens paper, and pay attention not to press the lens with fingers; repeat the laser cutting machine several times until the lens surface is clean and free of dirt and residual traces on the lens surface; dry it with dry air; If necessary, roll the lens paper moistened with a few drops of acetone into a rod, and gently scrub the lens surface to remove heavy dirt drops.

  It should be noted that acetone is easy to absorb moisture and water from the air and pollute acetone itself, so it is necessary to close the acetone bottle. The laser cutting machine must not pour the remaining acetone solution after cleaning back into the new acetone bottle.

  (2) Cleaning of mirror lens: remove the lens from the mirror frame; put the lens paper on the mirror with the mirror face up; drop a few drops of acetone on the lens paper, and pull the lens paper gently to lift the mirror face; repeat the above process until the mirror face is clean, free of dirt and stains; then install the lens into the mirror base.

  If molybdenum mirror is used as mirror, because it can't be coated, it can be used directly after polishing. Laser cutting machine can clean the mirror with water (soap water or water containing detergent). But other lenses with coating on the surface cannot be cleaned with water, because many coatings dissolve in water, and the lenses will be damaged. Ningbo laser cutting, Cixi laser cutting, Shaoxing laser cutting. leapion

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