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Laser cutting machine must be equipped with dust removal system

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  Laser cutting machine cutting metal plate

  In the cutting process of laser cutting machine, due to high temperature ablation, there will be more smoke and dust, which will pollute some precision parts on the equipment. At the same time, smoke and dust will also have adverse effects on the health of operators. If the cutting dust is not treated, it will seriously affect the service life and cutting performance of the laser cutting machine, so the dust removal system of the laser cutting machine is particularly important.

  The importance of dedusting system of laser cutting machine

  Generally, the dust removal system of laser cutting machine is designed as a whole exhaust structure with a large cavity. In order to meet the environmental protection requirements, it needs to use a high-power dust remover, which covers a large area and has a complex pipeline installation. It is easy to produce the phenomenon of unsealing and air leakage, resulting in poor exhaust effect. In the actual work, it is unable to exhaust the generated smoke and dust in time, which has an impact on the user's working environment.

  A solution is that, at the lower part of the working table of the laser cutting machine, the partition plate is used to separate several chambers with the same geometric size arranged longitudinally and the main air suction duct at the front, and the main air suction duct is connected with the dust remover; a valve is arranged between each chamber and the main air suction duct, and the machine control valve is connected with the air inlet pipe and the air outlet pipe to control the cylinder; The chamber is equipped with a hopper, both ends of which are welded with end plates for sealing, and several ventilation holes are opened at the lower part of both sides of the hopper.

  Through the opening and closing of the valve, the exhaust process of the system is controlled. This method saves land occupation and improves the dedusting effect.

  Another solution includes the main body, the main box and the control cabinet, which are equipped with a dust cover to absorb all the dust produced by the laser cutting machine during operation, so as to ensure the clarity of the working sight and improve the working efficiency. The dust cover can also ensure that the residues will not be splashed around during operation, protect the safety of the operators, enhance a layer of protection guarantee, and improve the popularity and suitability of the device Usability.

  In the selection of laser cutting machine, although the dedusting system is not the most important factor, but the efficient dedusting system is an important condition to ensure normal production, which can not be ignored.

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