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Laser cutting machine equipment used in chassis cabinets

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What is laser cutting technology? Laser cutting technology uses a high-density laser beam to centrally cut the material. Its cutting speed is fast, the cut is smooth, and the material surface is free of burrs. In addition, laser cutting equipment can cut a wide range of materials, including almost all types of metal materials. There are many industries using laser cutting machine equipment on the market, and the processing of chassis and cabinets is one of them.

There are many parts to be processed in the cabinet, such as the computer case of the freezer, the control cabinet, etc. These parts are customized according to the actual needs of the customer when processing. The market has been developing, and the chassis and cabinets have also changed from the previous large batch and single manufacturing to small batches and multiple varieties. Under this change, the traditional cutting process can no longer support the needs of the industry. The most advanced laser cutting machine equipment is necessary.

优势 The laser cutting machine has many advantages, such as:

1. Compared with the traditional cutting process, laser equipment has faster cutting speed, better quality and higher accuracy;

2, because the equipment uses laser processing, it is not affected by the shape and hardness of the material;

3, the equipment comes with a computer orchestration system, using software drawing to cooperate with the cutting work, the corresponding die material loss will be less, which is beneficial to the cost savings of the merchant;

4. In addition to processing metal materials, you can also cut non-metals;

5, the equipment is less operable, because it belongs to automatic intelligent processing technology, so less operation is required. After understanding the basic system operation, even staff who know nothing about the equipment can go to the actual processing;


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