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How to properly maintain the laser cutting machine repair?

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  How to properly maintain the laser cutting machine repair? After purchasing expensive laser cutting equipment, we need to put more effort in the later maintenance to make the metal laser cutting machine more stable in the subsequent use. Today, lepaion laser will share with you the later maintenance laser Tips for cutting machine. Metal laser cutting machine generally does not appear too big problems in the process of operation. However, you need to maintain and maintain the equipment frequently, and pay more attention to the above details during the operation of the equipment.

The price of laser cutting machine is not low, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions. So as long as possible to extend the service life of the laser cutting machine to better save production costs and win greater benefits. This shows that the daily maintenance and maintenance of the laser cutting machine is very important. The following mainly explains from four aspects: First, the fan cleaning: long-term use of the fan in the machine will accumulate a lot of solid dust in the fan, make the fan generate a lot of noise, and it is not conducive to exhaust and deodorization. When the suction of the fan is insufficient and the smoke is not smooth, the fan must be cleaned. Second, the replacement of circulating water and water tank cleaning: before the machine works, make sure that the laser tube is filled with circulating water, the quality and temperature of the circulating water directly affect the service life of the laser tube. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly replace the circulating water and clean the water tank. This is best done once a week.

3. Lens cleaning: There will be some mirrors and focusing mirrors on the machine. Laser light is emitted from the laser head after being reflected and focused by these lenses. The lens is easy to get dust or other contaminants, causing laser wear or lens damage. So clean the lenses every day.

 At the same time, please pay attention to:

 1. The lens should be wiped gently without damaging the surface coating;

2. The wiping process should be handled gently to prevent falling;

3. Be sure to keep the concave face down when installing the focusing lens. Fourth, guide rail cleaning: guide rail and linear axis are one of the core components of the equipment, and its function is to guide and support. In order to ensure that the machine has higher processing accuracy, its guide rails and straight lines are required to have higher guiding accuracy and good motion stability. During the operation of the equipment, a large amount of corrosive dust and smoke will be generated during the processing of the processed parts. These smoke and dust will be deposited on the surface of the guide rail and linear shaft for a long time, which will have a great impact on the processing accuracy of the equipment and will The formation of corrosion points on the surface of the linear axis of the guide rail shortens the service life of the equipment. So clean the machine rails every half a month. Turn off the machine before cleaning. In recent years, laser cutting machine manufacturers have paid more and more attention to the stability of laser cutting machines. The stability of laser cutting machines has a great relationship with several important parts. It is equipped with good and high-quality parts. It is naturally very stable when used.

This problem has caused many customers to hesitate between importing and domestically making laser cutting machines. Some users may even worry that the stability of the domestic laser cutting machine will decline after a long period of work. In fact, such worries are unnecessary. Domestic laser equipment already has a good foundation and research and development technology. In fact, it does not have to be worse than imported in performance, so the stability of the laser cutting machine cannot be generalized. This requires continuous technology. The improvement and improvement will gradually improve. At the same time, whether the laser cutting machine is stable when it is used depends on your post-maintenance and working environment. More info

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