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A start-up guide for street stalls for novices. Laser engraving small goods suitable for street stalls.

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  Many people have the idea of doing a small business, but now the cost of setting up a store to do business is large, and various taxes on renovation, rent, water, electricity, and labor are all costs. Therefore, many people choose to start from a stall. For the novice who run a street stall, it is very important to choose products, and it is recommended that laser engraving commodities suitable for the stall.

  Laser engraving lunch box

  There are two ways, one is to directly purchase a carved small commodity, and the other is to buy a small laser engraving machine, and then add some unengraved small commodities. The first way is a little less invested, but less attractive to pedestrians on the street. The second method is more attractive, because laser engraving is customized, and you can engrave names, photos, etc. on small commodities. Out of curiosity, people who pass by will come to watch.。

  Laser engraved mug

  The laser engraving investment is not very large, and the product is attractive enough, no consumables, a laser engraving machine can be used for running a street stall business. There are many things that can be sculpted. It can be said that small items such as combs, car keys, lipstick bottles, mobile phone shells, charging treasures, charging heads, card readers, thermos cups, glass cups, etc. can be marked. Watches, laptops, lighters, rings, necklaces, coke bottles, temporary stop signs, lunch boxes, etc. You can engrave portraits or text on these small commodities.

  Laser engraved watch

  There are a lot of small commodities that can be laser engraved. The input cost is small, the products and the crowd are large, and it is attractive enough, which is very suitable for novice . At the same time, two services can be provided. One is that customers provide goods, and you only provide engraving services; the other is that you provide goods and also provide engraving. Both methods can make money, customers have one more choice, the possibility of placing an order is bigger.

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