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Why does the glass tube of laser cutting machine break?

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  The glass tube of laser cutting machine sometimes breaks. What's the matter? Why does it break? In order to avoid the impact of enterprises in production, the following editor summarizes the following reasons, hoping to help you.

  1. The aging or defect of b-axis also affects the output of laser power.

  2. The laser reflector cannot be removed without a special alignment tool (location of 5 reflectors). If the reflector is not removed before replacing the glass tube, the power shall be able to go up after replacing the glass tube.

  Why the glass tube of laser cutting machine breaks

  3. The difference between the air pressure inside the glass tube and the air pressure outside is too large. Due to the imbalance of internal and external air pressure, the glass tube is crushed, which is a problem we should pay special attention to. If there is a pressure difference between the inside and outside of the glass tube, the filling pressure in the tube can be consistent with the setting outside the tube to reduce the possibility of pressure difference.

  4. The humidity of the working environment of the laser cutting machine is too high. If it is found that there are small water drops on the outer wall of the laser generator, we can clearly conclude that the air humidity is too high and the glass tube is easy to crack due to the alternation of heat and cold. We can increase the power of air conditioner and air dryer to reduce the air humidity.

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