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Why does laser cutting machine need to blow gas?

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  Maybe for laser cutting white, why to add auxiliary gas and what gas is used in laser cutting are not clear. Below Qunying laser to share with you the role of gas blowing in laser cutting.

  Why to add gas in laser cutting machine

  In fact, in the laser cutting process, most of the use of air, or oxygen, there is nitrogen. Its purpose is to blow away the residue, so as to achieve better cutting effect. Secondly, when using gas to blow away the slag, it is to protect the lens and avoid the slag sticking on the lens, which will affect the cutting quality; when using nitrogen to cut, it can effectively achieve the effect of clean cutting surface, no burr and no slag hanging, which belongs to fine cutting; when using oxygen to cut, oxygen gas can support combustion and react with materials, thus increasing the cutting speed.

  Why to add gas in laser cutting machine

  In summary, laser cutting is basically the same as laser drilling in principle. The laser beam with high power density is focused on the designated position of the material to be processed. The absorbed light makes the internal of the material hot, and the material is melted or gasified due to the sharp rise of temperature. The proper gas blowing can not only protect the lens, but also blow off the slag in the processing, so that the section is clean, the slit is narrow, and the heat affected area of the material is small.

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