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Why does cheap laser engraving machines more waste?

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What are the most common problems with cheap laser engraving machines?

Is the cheap laser engraving machine worth it?

What is the difference between a cheap laser engraving machine and an expensive laser engraving machine?

Should I buy a cheap laser engraving machine?

Laser engraving is one of the favorite techniques of craftsmen, DIY enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. A laser engraving machine can be used in your artwork and bring you unlimited possibilities.

However, if you take out your wallet and use your hard-earned money to buy the cheapest model, then you can proceed with the project you have come up with, but please be cautious.Not all laser engraving machines are the same, and even the cheapest model can cost hundreds of dollars. Therefore, it is important to invest wisely in a high-quality and long-lasting machine.

This article discusses the most common problems with cheap laser engraving machines, how they differ from professional or industrial quality units, and whether they are worth hundreds of dollars for you to buy one. We will also explain some of the most frequently reported problems with cheap laser engravers, including how they affect the final results you get through hard work.

What is the difference between expensive and cheap laser engraving machines?

A quick glance at google, you will find that the price of laser engraving machine ranges from $300 to over $50,000, but what are the reasons for these huge differences?

At the high end, laser engraving machines are compatible with many different types of software and design files, contain durable parts that are not easily damaged, use powerful lasers that can cut through various materials, and run at precise and fast speeds.These high-end laser engraving systems also provide a comprehensive service package and warranty to protect you from expensive repair costs in the event of a failure, and include many convenient and practical features to make them easier to operate.

At the low end, laser engraving machines are usually purchased from cheap factories, where low-skilled workers use cheap plastic to piece together.Key components are usually 3D printed with low-cost plastic, machines use weaker laser to save costs.The manufacturer will not provide warranty for the product.If you can let them provide replacement parts for the malfunctioning machine, you will be very lucky. Cheap laser engravers also often use cheaper alternative versions of the most popular design software, which means you need to skip all steps to make your design fully functional.

These items are listed as general differences, so we asked about some of the most common complaints related to cheap laser engraving machines and listed them as following.

What are the most common problems with cheap laser engraving machines?

Any product with a large price range usually has a corresponding quality range associated with it. Here are some of the most common complaints we have heard about cheap laser engraving machines:

Lasers will not cut certain some kinds of materials-smaller and cheaper laser engraving machines use smaller and cheaper lasers, and it is clear that lower power lasers are less efficient.Despite this, many cheap laser engraving machines still do not meet the standards they advertise.Just because a company says their laser can cut through 1/2 inch thick material does not mean it can cut through any material of this thickness.Materials such as acrylic and soft wood may work well, but plywood,which contains glue,and MDF may not be penetrated.

Laser power is not enough-cheap laser cutting machines often advertise the used laser power,power ranges from 100W to 50W or even lower. A sneaky company might advertise with "1500mW" instead of "1.5W", using a larger number to make it look like more powerful.If you mainly use paper as a material,a 1.5W laser may work, but it will not work in other ways. We also heard a story that the 50W laser actually only outputs 32W power-You are lucky to use it to cut into a loaf.

The laser produces too much burn-Laser engraving is essentially burning materials' surface.It generates a lot of heat and debris, which may leave undesirable burn marks on the surface of your material. By focusing the compressed air stream where the laser is in contact with the material, a high-quality engraving machine can achieve smoother cutting,less smoke deposits and less burn,but there is almost no such function in a cheap engraving machine . As a result, it is difficult to complete high-quality engraving on wood, acrylic or paper with cheap machines.

Laser engraving machine is constantly damaged-If you spend less than $1,000 on a laser engraving machine,you need to understand that in addition to the missing important functions, many important components are also cheap, poorly manufactured, and easily damaged. Unless you are a skilled technician, it will be difficult for you to find out the cause of the damage, whether it can be repaired and what steps are needed. Be ready to open your wallet again for repairs, or park the machine in the attic with other trash.

Should you buy a cheap laser engraving machine?

If you are guessing whether you should pay for the cheap laser engraving machine you see on Google, then you have already taken the first step towards realizing the truth about cost and quality.The laser engraving machine is a complicated equipment, and you should not expect this cheap technology to bring excellent results.

The best part is that you will get a real,most advanced laser engraving machine that is fully compatible and can handle all the functions needed for everything thrown at it in just a few hours.


Deciding whether to buy a cheap engraving machine does involve cost and quality issues.You can also think of it as price and value. Something is cheap,but it does not mean it is worth your hard-earned money. Once you see the excellent results of a high-quality laser engraving machine, you will never use a cheap engraving machine again.

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