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What is the price of fiber laser cutting machine?

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  At present, in the metal processing industry, people who have a certain understanding of cutting equipment will find that laser cutting machines of the same power, different types, different brands and different places of origin have very large price differences, as low as tens of thousands, as high as hundreds of thousands.

  With such a big difference, how to choose when purchasing? What is the price of fiber laser cutting machine?

  Nowadays, the most popular laser cutting equipment in the market is fiber laser cutting machine. Compared with the traditional cutting equipment, fiber laser cutting machine has obvious characteristics and many advantages. With the rise and growth of domestic large, medium and small laser cutting machine manufacturers, the market share of expensive imported laser cutting machines is decreasing year by year, and more high-quality and low-cost laser cutting machines are launched Field.

  Different brands of laser cutting machines offer different prices, but the same power laser has a price difference of 100000 or even hundreds of thousands, so we need to be careful. As we all know, the quotation of any product will not be based on nothing, and the formulation of price involves products, enterprises, markets and other aspects. Different laser cutting machine manufacturers are different, of course, the price is also relatively different. The price mainly depends on brand influence, equipment technology level, equipment power, equipment size, relevant configuration, pre-sales and after-sales service, etc. If the price of laser cutting machine is far lower than the average price of laser cutting machine with the same power in the market, we must be cautious.

  On the market, according to the difference of power and configuration, the price of a domestic small and medium power laser cutting machine usually varies from hundreds of thousands to millions, while the price of medium and high power is slightly higher, the higher the power is, the higher the price is. However, we need to know that the imported laser cutting machine is not necessarily the whole machine. Many imported laser cutting machines, but the key components are imported products, and other materials of the fuselage are made in China, which are sold after the trial assembly and adjustment in China. Therefore, as for the quotation of fiber laser cutting machine, the customer must inquire clearly when purchasing the laser cutting machine. leapion

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