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What are the characteristics of laser cutting machine equipment in sheet metal industry

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There are many cutting machine processes used in the sheet metal industry. In addition to the traditional cutting process, there are also laser cutting equipment that has risen in recent years. The working principle of laser cutting machine equipment is to irradiate a laser beam with a high energy density to The machined sheet metal workpieces are partially heated and melted, and then the high-pressure gas is used to blow away the slag to complete the cutting. The equipment features are as follows:

1. Laser processing has high energy density, short action time, small heat affected zone, small thermal deformation, and low thermal stress. In addition, laser cutting is used for non-mechanical contact processing, which has no mechanical stress on the workpiece and is suitable for precision processing.

2, the high energy density of the laser in the equipment is sufficient to melt any sheet metal, and it is particularly suitable for processing high hardness, high brittleness, and high melting point sheet metal materials that are difficult to process by other processes.

3. The workpiece cut by the laser cutting machine has narrow slits, good slit roughness, high precision, and does not require the second treatment of the subsequent process after the cutting is completed.

4. The laser cutting equipment itself has a computer system, which can easily arrange and modify the program, which is suitable for personalized processing, especially for some sheet metal parts with complex contour shapes. The laser cutting machine equipment is different from other traditional cutting processes and traditional cutting. The process has high requirements for the personnel to operate. After the laser cutting machine equipment is set up, only the staff will need to perform basic computer operations.

5.Because the noise emitted by the laser cutting machine is small and pollution-free, for the staff who work in a closed environment all year round, the working environment is better improved.

6. leapion Laser cutting machine equipment can save users more costs. The initial investment and purchase of laser cutting machine equipment is relatively large, but if the equipment is used for a long time, the workpiece will be processed through mass production during the use process, and the cost will change lower and lower

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