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What are the application advantages of small laser cutting machine?

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  After decades of development and application of laser cutting technology, it has become more and more mature, and more and more manufacturers produce laser cutting machine equipment. At present, the types of laser cutting machine equipment are also large, medium and small. Compared with other types of laser cutting machines, small laser cutting machine equipment may appear weak in capability, but it also has its own advantages Own characteristics and advantages.

  You should know that the most correct way to choose products is not to choose the best one, but to choose the one most suitable for your own needs. Small laser cutting machine is not the best, but because of the following characteristics, it can "last forever".

  1. Because the small laser cutting machine can ensure a small cutting breadth, when cutting some small workpieces, the cutting accuracy of workpieces is often higher, which is very suitable for advertising, Kitchenware and other industries;

  2. The purchase cost of small laser cutting machine is much lower, and it only occupies a small area, which can be easily handled. For those small enterprises or enterprises with relatively tight capital, it is very cost-effective;

  3. In the aspect of equipment maintenance, because the design of small laser cutting machine is relatively simple, it is more convenient to maintain the equipment and the maintenance cost is less;

  4. The cutting accuracy of the small laser cutting machine can reach 0.1mm, the cutting surface of the workpiece is flat and smooth, and there is a very small probability of burr or slag on the material surface.

  After a long time of development in the laser cutting industry, in order to meet the market more, the types and power of laser cutting machines have corresponding manufacturing design. Whether large-scale laser cutting machine or small-scale laser cutting machine equipment, they are "shining" in all walks of life with their own advantages. Leapio laser is a professional laser cutting equipment manufacturer, welcome to consult!leapion

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