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Replace the protective lens of laser cutting machine, just remember these five words

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  The protective lens is a very important precision component in the optical system of laser cutting machine. Its cleanliness has a great influence on the processing performance and quality of laser cutting machine. So, how to replace the protective lenses that have reached the service life correctly?

  Items to prepare

  non-dust cloth

  Anhydrous alcohol with a concentration of more than 98%

  Lint free cotton swab

  Crepe Paper

  New protective lens

  Hexagon wrench

  Protective lens locking tooling

  Replacement procedure

  1. wipe

  Moisten the dust-free cloth with alcohol (cover the alcohol bottle in time to avoid overturning). Wipe the lens around with dust-free cloth gently. The purpose of this process is to prevent dust from entering the cavity during disassembly.

  2. unloading

  Use a hex wrench to remove the hex screw, then gently pull out the protective lens plug block, and seal the cavity with masking paper to prevent dust from entering.

  Insert the protective lens locking tooling into the hole behind the protective lens card, rotate it anticlockwise to remove the protective lens, and then insert the block to pour the lens on the dust-free cloth.

  3. Ching

  Wipe the inside of the protective lens insert with a dust-free cloth face stick and clean it.

  4. change

  Take out the new protective lens, tear off the protective paper on one side, then cover the protective lens insert gently on the protective lens, turn it over, then tear off the protective paper on the other side of the lens, successively install the lamination and locking ring, and lock the insert clockwise with the protective lens locking tool.

  5. pack

  Remove the masking paper, insert the protective lens insert into the cavity, and lock the hexagon screw.

  Done! Have you learned?

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