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Laser marking car button, the details are "ingenuity".

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  Nowadays, China is already the world's leading automobile producer and consumer, and the household penetration rate is increasing year by year. When the automobile becomes the main vehicle for the family, the iteration of the automobile manufacturing level must be accelerated. For example, the icons on the various buttons on the car are now mostly completed with laser marking technology, which represents a more advanced production level.

  The importance of icons is self-evident. It is the basic element in the detailed design of car buttons. Without icons, like no operation guide. The traditional printing or spraying method is easy to pollute the environment, and it is easy to fade and discolor over time, which affects the appearance and experience. The text and pattern information engraved by the laser is clear and permanent, and the effect is good, and it will not fade and fall off.

  Generally, automobile buttons use plastic or metal materials. The laser marking machine can easily respond to various mainstream button materials. The high-energy laser beam is used to irradiate the surface of the automobile button surface locally, so that the surface material vaporizes or undergoes a chemical reaction of color change, thereby leaving Permanently marked.

  The beam quality of the laser marking machine is good, and the focusing spot is extremely small. Whether it is a steering wheel button, air conditioning button, gear button, or car key, it can achieve ultra-fine marking. Visible details, touchable quality, this is undoubtedly the best mark processing solution for the automotive industry in pursuit of efficiency and quality.

  In addition, laser marking not only has a wide range of processing materials, but also has great freedom in the shape, size and processing environment of automobile keys. At the same time, it can be matched with pipelines for online marking, which meets the requirements of the modern automobile industry to develop in the direction of automated production. .

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