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Laser marking and lettering of automobile nameplate

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  For the vast majority of automobile companies, the production and manufacturing of system improvement need to combine a variety of equipment and machines, laser marking machine is one of the essential equipment. Laser marking machine mainly marks the information of automobile nameplate and other parts, so as to complete the later traceability. The marking principle of laser marking machine is to use the laser to leave traces under the material, so as to achieve the marking effect. Let's take a look at the application of the laser marking machine on the nameplate of the car.

  Laser marking sample

  Marking sample

  In addition to the car nameplate, the laser marking machine is also used to mark the car parts such as frame, body, car key and engine. It can be said that laser marking machine has been closely combined with the whole automobile industry, which promotes the development of marking direction of automobile industry and becomes an important tool in automobile manufacturing technology.

  Laser marking sample

  Marking products

  The laser marking machine is mainly used to mark the automobile nameplate, mainly because the automobile nameplate plays an important role in all parts of the automobile that need to be marked. The nameplate is the most important part to be marked, so the user confirms and traces the information through the information on the nameplate, just like when sending express delivery, he must fill in the telephone number, if only one part of the automobile can be marked That must be the nameplate of the car.

  Laser marking sample

  Marking products

  Over the years, the laser marking machine equipment and automobile nameplate has been closely applied, which is related to the characteristics and advantages of laser marking machine. Advantages of laser marking machine for engraving automobile nameplate:

  1. Marking is anti-counterfeiting. The marks marked by laser marking machine are not easy to be erased, can be kept permanently, and have high security.

  2. The marking effect is good. Laser marking machine is a non-contact marking operation with laser beam. When marking the automobile nameplate, it can mark the exquisite and clear characters and figures without damaging the automobile nameplate. It is an ideal model for marking the automobile nameplate.

  3. Fast marking speed. Laser marking machine can greatly improve the speed and efficiency of automobile nameplate marking. The whole automobile industry is a streamlined production. An efficient machine can realize assembly line operation and promote the development of the whole automobile industry.

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