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Laser cutting machine equipment used in home appliance manufacturing industry

Views:17     Author:heyu     Publish Time: 01-14-2020      Origin:Site Inquire

At present, when people raise laser cutting machine equipment, people will think of a piece of equipment that cuts different workpieces by laser. The workpieces cut by laser have the advantages of high quality, beautiful appearance, almost no damage, and the overall processing time is relatively short. short. The advantages of laser cutting machine equipment have been deeply rooted in the hearts of users. Nowadays, in addition to large-scale manufacturing and processing industries, some home appliances manufacturing and processing have also started to use laser cutting machine equipment.

Generally, there are many kinds of manufacturing materials for household appliances, and the required processing technology is also inconsistent. Nowadays, laser cutting machine equipment is mainly used in cutting parts of large products such as washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners, including cutting metal parts in air conditioners, cutting materials for metal covers, and cutting and punching heat dissipation parts at the bottom and back of refrigerators. However, in addition to large household appliances, laser cutting machine equipment also has relatively good applications in small household appliances, such as: juicer rotating blades, microwave oven bottom heat sinks, etc., laser cutting machine equipment can be used.

The laser cutting machine equipment developed by Sino-Russian laser production not only has the flexibility and precision that cannot be matched by traditional cutting and processing technology, but also can meet the customer's personalized customized production. You only need to set the corresponding program in the system before processing, and then the device starts automatic processing. Because the laser cutting machine is characterized by "non-contact processing", it can reduce the loss of the mold while maintaining high quality, which saves a lot of costs for the enterprise. This is why the laser cutting machine equipment can quickly seize the market once it is adopted. One of the core.leapion

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