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Laser cleaning machine for various industries

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  Laser derusting Technology: the high-energy pulse laser focuses on cleaning the surface of the object to excite the plasma, continuously irradiates the high-energy plasma for instant blasting, and finally realizes the physical blasting of the relatively fluffy rust layer on the surface of the object, and moves through the high-speed light plate to form a plume to remove the debris, which is mainly used in metal derusting.

  Advantages of laser derusting machine:

  1. Simple processing of fine workpiece;

  2. Convenient for transportation and carrying;

  3. Simple operation;

  4. The derusting area and thickness are accurate and controllable;

  5. The derusting quality is uniform;

  6. No pollution, no damage to the substrate.

  Application fields: automobile industry, aerospace, tire hub, petroleum, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, shipbuilding industry, machinery manufacturing, military department, offshore operation platform, etc.

  Generally speaking, laser derusting equipment can be used for the rust produced by metal materials in various industries. It can be selective derusting, which will not pollute, damage the substrate, and affect the use of materials. It is an efficient way of derusting. leapion

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