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LF-CO Coil Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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LF-CO Coil Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is a sheet processing equipment suitable for uncoiling, cleaning and oiling, leveling, blanking and palletizing of surface covering coils in the automotive and steel plate distribution industries. It has been widely used in the factory. At present, as the domestic automobile industry gradually develops to high-end cars, auto factories that adopt automatic unwinding and blanking lines use laser cutting technology to unwind and blank the production equipment, which consists of feeding trolleys, unwinders, leveling machines, servo feeders, laser cutting It consists of device, cutting platform, hydraulic and pneumatic system and electric control system. Has the following characteristics:

Coil Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

1. Low equipment investment: Compared with the existing large-scale blanking production equipment, the laser cutting blanking production line has low quality, low energy consumption, and does not require a complex equipment foundation, which greatly reduces the initial investment and maintenance costs.

2. High output efficiency: Compared with the existing laser cutting equipment, the laser cutting blanking production line uses coil material for blank production, which replaces the production process in which the coil material is sliced ??first and then cut on the equipment, which improves the production efficiency.

3. High flexibility: no need to make molds, adopt advanced and control system, product specifications and shapes change quickly, suitable for various mass production.

4. Low maintenance cost: using fiber laser cutter, reliable performance; at the same time, the laser cutting speed is fast, the cutting speed of stainless steel can reach 45 meters per minute (at a thickness of 1mm), and the cutting can be completed quickly.

5. High product quality: the use of high-precision leveling machine, high-precision feeding and cutting system, can be adapted to the production of various metal material blanks.

6. Low cost of use: Because no stamping is required for the mold, the manufacturing and maintenance costs of the mold are reduced; at the same time, the equipment does not use a large press, and the production energy consumption is greatly reduced, and the environmental noise is also reduced.

7. High material utilization rate: because the coil is used for continuous production, there will be no loss of the head and tail of the single piece; at the same time, the equipment adopts optimized layout, and the combination of various shapes of parts is cut without overlapping, reducing Material loss improves material utilization.

? The metal blanking process is the most basic process for the production of hardware materials, auto parts and other workpieces. It requires a lot of manpower and material resources to produce. How to save costs, improve efficiency and quality are all concerns of manufacturers. At present, the popular production method of domestic manufacturers is to unwind and level the coil material, and then feed the material into the press for blanking production. Due to the need to manufacture a large number of blanking molds, the equipment investment and subsequent use costs are high, and the equipment The low flexibility also brings a lot of investment waste. How to save costs, improve efficiency and quality are all issues that manufacturers pay attention to.

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