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How to solve the problem of burr in laser cutting machine

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  When using laser cutting machine to process sheet metal parts, it is estimated that all enterprises will encounter unsatisfactory cutting effect, for example, the most common, there will be a lot of burrs on the cutting edge (burr: refers to various sharp corners, burrs and other irregular metal parts at the transition of the workpiece surface in laser cutting), which will affect the appearance and accuracy of the product. If we carry out two steps, we will Secondary processing will increase human and financial resources, which is very uneconomical.

  With the rapid development of sheet metal processing industry, people have higher and higher requirements on product accuracy and appearance. In a strict sense, products with burrs are unqualified products. How can we prevent the occurrence of burrs when using laser cutting machine?

  The laser beam of laser cutting machine is generally pulse laser. When processing sheet metal, the light output power per second is different, so the cutting surface will inevitably have subtle unevenness. Increasing the output frequency of the laser can reduce the roughness of the cross section.

  When using laser cutting machine, high purity auxiliary gas (the pressure of auxiliary gas reaches 12-15kg) is used to assist cutting, which can not only blow off the generated waste residue, reduce the occurrence of burr, but also increase the surface finish of the section. leapion

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