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How to solve the efficiency decline of fiber laser cutting machine

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  Fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in the industrial field, and it can be seen in many places. In the industrial field, the efficiency of fiber laser cutting machine is very important, once there is no efficiency, it will affect the use of fiber laser cutting machine. What should be done if the efficiency of the fiber laser cutting machine decreases?

  Fiber laser cutting machine has a good application in all walks of life. Many enterprises in the use of laser cutting processing for a few years, reaction fiber laser cutting machine cutting effect and cutting ability are not as before, so why this situation? What's the solution

  The reason for the decline of cutting performance of fiber laser cutting machine:

  The focus position affects the cutting progress. The diameter of focal spot should be as small as possible to produce narrow slit. If the cutting performance is reduced, the cutting speed of the focus position can be adjusted. The laser cutting speed has a direct relationship with the laser power. The larger the power is, the higher the cutting speed is. The distance between the workpiece and the nozzle also affects the cutting effect. Too far distance will cause energy waste. Too close distance will affect the dispersion of the splashed cutting products. Generally, the appropriate distance is 0.8m M.

  Laser power, after long-term use of fiber laser cutting machine, the laser power will decline, which will directly affect the cutting performance.

  In addition, improper operation, long-term load production, long-term maintenance, etc. will lead to the performance degradation of fiber laser cutting machine equipment, cutting effect discount. It is inevitable that the performance of fiber laser cutting machine will decline. How to slow down the decline?

  1. Pay attention to the maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine.

  Fiber laser cutting machine processing time is long, many parts will have wear, will inevitably affect the performance of processing equipment, maintenance is very important. For vulnerable parts, they should be replaced frequently; optical elements should be wiped clean and kept clean after use; bearings should be oiled regularly to keep driving flexibility and machining accuracy.

  2. Standardize the operation of optical fiber laser cutting machine.

  The optical fiber laser cutting machine shall be operated by special personnel. Before starting, the professional personnel shall train it: it is very important to correctly execute the sequence of the switch machine, to be familiar with the buttons of each switch panel, to correctly operate the optical fiber laser cutting machine, etc. The operation by specially assigned personnel is not only beneficial to the normal operation of the optical fiber laser cutting machine, but also reduces the probability of safety accidents.

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