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How to control the blackening degree of laser cutting wood?

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  Laser cutting wood has the advantages of high precision, narrow cutting seam, high speed and smooth cutting surface. But because the laser focus energy melts the board, there will be blackening phenomenon in the cutting process, that is, the cutting edge is carbonized. Today, let's talk about how to reduce or even avoid this situation.

  First of all, it should be noted that if the cutting is a relatively thick board, it is difficult to avoid blackening. After my test and summary, the template cutting with the thickness of 5mm or less can achieve less blackening, and the one with the thickness of 5mm or more depends on the situation.

  We all know that we should avoid the carbonization effect of laser cutting and use high speed and low power, which is right, but some of them are misunderstood. They think the faster the better, the lower the power, the better. In order to reduce the blackening, they cut many times with the fast speed and low power. This is very bad. The carbonation effect may be darker than the general one.

  How to avoid blackening when laser cutting wood

  Our low power and fast must be able to cut through the wood at one time. The faster the wood can be cut through, the better the power is. However, if it needs to cut many times to reduce the power, the carbonization is more serious in fact. Because the cut through part will be burned twice, the more cuts, the more serious carbonization. The first cut through part was burned again during the second cut. The other part, because it was not cut through for the first time, is not so black. So what we need is a cutting, not a second processing.

  However, fast speed and low power are contradictory. The faster the speed is, the more difficult it is to cut through, and the smaller the power is, the more difficult it is to cut through. We need to prioritize between the two. According to our experience, fast speed is more important than low power. Try to cut through the fastest speed with high power. Of course, this needs to be tested to get the best value.

  Of course, in addition to the influence of power speed on blackening, there is also a very important factor, that is, blowing. When cutting wood, it must be forced to blow. It is better to use an air compressor, because another factor of blackening and yellowing is that the gas produced by cutting is fumigating, and blowing can help cutting to make cutting easier and prevent fire. In the actual production, we should take into account the flatness of the lower platform, the laser focal length problem caused by the uneven board, the uneven glue used for the composite board, and the cutting problem caused by the material problem of the composite board. So in the actual production must not use the limit value to cut the material, it is likely to occur cutting impervious situation. Atmospheric pressure is necessary to reduce the blackening.

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