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How much is the price of 6000W fiber laser cutting machine?

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  High power 6000W metal laser cutting machine mainly cuts metal plates. There are many types of lepaion laser cutting machine, with different configuration, width, power and price. Therefore, how much a laser cutting machine costs is affected by brand, power, model and other aspects.

  6000W laser cutting machine belongs to high-power laser cutting machine. Please consult 180-6910-3319 for specific equipment quotation, or leave a message online to get the quotation. We will recommend the appropriate model and perfect laser cutting machine scheme to you!

  With the rapid development of processing industry, the development speed of products means the application of laser cutting in the market. Laser cutting machine can effectively reduce the number of molds used. In sheet metal processing industry, almost all of them use laser cutting machine. Laser cutting machine can form once without secondary processing, reduce the process and construction period, effectively improve the work efficiency and greatly reduce the mold The input of tools can improve the processing speed of workers and save unnecessary processing procedures.

  The high-speed response laser power slope ensures the quality of cutting angle and improving the quality of stamping; the machine tool adopts welding and casting as a whole, professional large-scale military enterprises specializing in production, high-temperature ignition, vibration aging treatment, large-scale gantry milling machine precision processing, these design and processing methods ensure that the machine has excellent impact resistance, high rigidity and stability.

  In the actual operation process, the cutting ability of laser cutting machine is also affected by a variety of laser types, cutting environment, cutting speed, auxiliary gas and so on. Brass and aluminum plates are highly reflective materials. Some laser cutting machines do not have high cutting resistance materials. The laser uses IPG laser, which has the ability of cutting high reflective material.

  Advantages of laser cutting technology over other methods:

  1. Good cutting quality: narrow slit width (0.1-0.5mm in general), high precision (0.1-0.4mm in general hole center distance error, 0.1-0.5mm in outline dimension error), good surface roughness of incision (12.5-25 μ m in general), can weld the incision without further processing.

  2. Clean, safe and pollution-free: greatly improved the working environment of operators. Of course, in terms of the accuracy and surface roughness of the incision, CO2 laser cutting is unlikely to exceed the EDM, and it is difficult to achieve the level of flame and plasma cutting in cutting thickness.

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