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Automatic loading tube laser cutting machine features

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  1. Provincial Labor;

  Saving labor is equal to saving money. Automatic tube laser cutting machine is fully automatic, automatic loading and unloading, automatic cutting, automatic cutting head, tail, automatic slag removal, one step in place, saving multiple processes, and one person can operate 5-10 laser tube cutting machines at the same time.

  2. Simple operation;

  As mentioned above, if a person can operate several equipment at the same time, some people will worry that the operator can't be busy. The round tube laser cutting machine can completely eliminate these concerns. Because of the laser transmission characteristics, the whole cutting process can achieve all the numerical control control. When operating, only the numerical control program needs to be changed, and cutting can be realized without too much manual operation. The operation is convenient and simple.

  3. High cutting quality;

  When cutting the metal tube, we should also pay attention to the cutting quality. Using laser cutting can make the metal tube surface clean and beautiful, and the cutting dimension accuracy can reach ± 0.1mm, without two times of processing. Moreover, after laser cutting, the width of the heat affected zone is very small, and the performance of materials near the cutting seam is almost unaffected.

  4. High efficiency and few consumables;

  For example, to cut the stainless steel pipe with diameter of 114mm and thickness of 1.0mm, the cutting time is only a few seconds. Moreover, laser cutting has no direct contact with pipe fittings, no tool wear, long service life, cutting tailings ≤ 40mm and other advantages. leapion


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