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Application of laser technology in food machinery industry

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  In the process of food processing, food machinery plays an important role. During the process of food processing, the quality of machinery and equipment will directly affect the quality of food. With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for food types and quality has gradually improved, which also provides a broad space for the development of food machinery industry. Common food machinery includes baking machinery, freezing machinery, crushing and cutting machinery, screening and cleaning machinery, etc.

  In the past, the traditional processing methods were used in the manufacturing process of food machinery. The low efficiency, extensive, high production cost and large proportion of manual processing in the production mode of the food machinery industry have greatly hindered the innovation and development of the food machinery industry. Compared with the traditional processing, the advantages of laser cutting technology in the food machinery industry are prominent, which not only saves the stamping, cutting, bending and other complex processes, but also improves the quality of finished products after laser processing, and further reduces the processing cost.

  The performance of Zhouxiang laser cutting machine is reliable, which can control the cutting accuracy within ± 0.1mm/m, and can obtain extremely fine slit to ensure the sealing of food machinery; the laser cutting machine can meet the requirements of stable cutting of the whole plate of the workpiece, and does not need mold manufacturing, which greatly reduces the cost investment; the laser cutting is non-contact, clean and sanitary, suitable for the safe production of food machinery; The section of laser cutting workpiece is smooth and smooth without burr, so it can be used to manufacture high-end machinery without secondary treatment; the cutting speed of laser cutting machine is fast, which can cut metal materials with different thickness, thus greatly improving the production efficiency of food machinery.

  Taking the application of laser processing technology in the oven as an example, most parts of the oven are tube materials with simple structure. The basic structure of the oven can be obtained by assembling the processed parts. Laser pipe cutting machine uses laser as a processing method, which can cut pipes quickly. For pipes with thickness of 1 mm, it can cut 12 meters per minute. Moreover, the cross section of materials cut by laser is flat and has high precision. It can be easily used in mechanical equipment with low precision requirements.

  The development of food machinery manufacturing industry is on the rise in recent years. With the increasingly severe food safety, equipment upgrading has become a major trend. For many years, Zhouxiang laser insists on independent research and development, technological innovation, mastering a number of core technologies. Laser cutting technology meets the production needs of customers, and helps the development of domestic food machinery manufacturing industry.

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